Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ordering Method

Well we actually don't know how yet but we kinda thinking of this simple method.

If you want to order our shoes just leave comments at which design u like and leave ur phone number there. From there we will try our best to sms and get to you on the details.

But for now we still don't believe in any postal orders or using POS Malaysia.



Yeah, we've grown so far that we made several affiliates well one at the moment but more to come.

They sell all kind of things ... girly things I'd assume .. and they do make some cookies and so on ... but all those cloth seems undeniably irresistible.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Here Comes Regular Shoes

No no no, we weren't only making girls shoe, and here are some shoes as prove.

size : 43 (27.8cm)
price : rm70

size : 5 (25.7cm)
price : rm70

size : 5 (25.3cm)
price : rm60

size : 6 (26cm)
price : rm70

size : 6'5 (26.8cm)
price : rm65

size : 44 (28.3cm)
price : rm70

Sunday, April 5, 2009


Now. We know know that the shoes might seems to be not your size, but hey, if you like the design you can tell us and give us your foot measurement(in cm), and we'll do it for you.

Now was that a relieve.

HOT! HOT! HOT! Ballerina Shoes

This is definitely up for grab for all foxy ladies out there, get it now or you'll have to order and wait.

It's all only worth for RM50....

size : 36 (23.5cm)

size : 37 (24cm)

size : 38 (24.5cm)

We're Back Again

Sorry for the hold up, since all of us seems to be busy managing things around. Hehehe.

So, for this update I'm gonna show you guys our new shoe that is up for grab. See ya later.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Making of Geejutsu™


Geejutsu was incepted on March 14th 2009 at 0000(GMT +8). After weeks of discussing the name of the group we've created lots of name before deciding on GEEJUTSU. It's difficult to create a name where people can remember and acknowledge. We even quarrelled with each other in the process. Due to stress and running out of time for the International Fest 2009 at I.S.K.L., we still remained undecided. After long wait and rigorous decision, we decide to choose the name Geejutsu which literally means "Art" in Japanese. So, our group basically means art shoe, but art in this term implies to our passion towards art and the differences between 5 of us to express those emotion through our arts, which means our shoes aren't going to be the same but still looks good. Enjoy~~